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Finally, a Bolero™ Dwarf Fescue you want to walk barefoot on!

The result of over five years of research and development with one of Oregon's leading plant breeders,
Delta Bluegrass Company is proud to offer its new signature turf
Bolero™ and Bolero Plus™. It features
bluegrass-like texture, is more heat tolerant, and offers excellent disease resistance.

What distinguishes
Bolero™ dwarf fescue from other fescues is that Bolero™ has its origin in the
Mediterranean latitudes. Most other dwarf fescues originate in northern Europe. This distinction makes
Bolero™ and Bolero Plusideally suited for California climates.
BOLERO PLUS / 95% dwarf fescue,
5% bluegrass
BOLERO / 100% bolero (dwarf
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90% Tall Fescue Blend /
10% Bluegrass
Good color, low
maintenance, adapts to
shade well, winters well,
deep rooted, very little
thatch, mowing height as
low as 1 1/2" to 2 inches,
heat, humidity, and drought
Four-way Bluegrass blend

Quick healing from traffic
and machine damage,
crowds out weeds, uniform
growth, dark green
appearance, resistant to
powdery mildew, winters
50% Bluegrass Blend /
50% Premium Ryegrass

Mowing height of 3/4" to 2",
resistant to powdery
mildew, fusarium and leaf
rust, dark blue green color
year round, good heat and
drought tolerance, grows
well in sandy or clay soil.
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100% RYE
100% Premium Ryegrass

Specifically cultured for the
golf course market,
excellent for a
close-cropped, fine blend
look; excellent disease
resistance and shade
tolerance, beautiful winter
65% Pure Gold Dwarf
Fescue / 15% Moonlight
Kentucky Bluegrass / 15%
Shadestart Crested Dogtail
/ 5% Shade Camp

Specifically designed for up
to 40% daily shade
amounts. Contains tall
fescue blended with a
combination of shade
blends. Highly suitable for
special erosion control on

Penncross or SR Dominant
Specifically developed for
golf tees, putting greens,
or other lawn sport
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Blend of sheeps, hard, and
creeping fescue that
creates a meadow-like look
Can be left unmowed if
desired. Good shade
resistance. Works well on
slopes and unmowed
roughs on golf courses.
Hybrid Bermuda
Excellent for high use
athletic surfaces  
Semidwarf turf with very
fine blades. Dense turf with
rapid lateral growth.
Exhibits earlier spring
green up. Develops
minimal thatch.
Excellence in high traffic
areas or athletic fields.
Prefers full sun. Mowing
height of 1/2 to 3/4 inches
Excellent heat and drought
tolerance. Recovers
quickly from abuse or
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Native Bentgrass™
• Agrostis pallens

- Slender robust plants with
narrow blades
- Establishes well on most soil
- Grows in full sun and filtered
- Aggressive creeping growth
habits which result in a dense sod
Delta Grasslands Mix™
Molate Fescue - Festuca rubra
Slender Hairgrass - Deschampsia elongata
Junegrass - Koeleria macrantha.

- Blades are dark green and vary from fine
to moderately coarse
- Prefers moist soils and in a maintained
setting will require limited irrigation
- Thrives in full sun and grows in partial
available in standard roll size (24" x 60" = 10 sq ft)

For Urban Landscape Areas
that withstand mowing
For Bio Swale Areas
For bio-swales, roadsides, medians, irrigation canals, erosion control and
environmental mitigation areas

Molate red fescue - Festuca rubra
Idaho fescue - Festuca idahoensis
Western fescue - Festuca occidentalis

- A combination of fine-leaved, loosely-
tufted and creeping grasses
- Performs well on many soil types and
areas such as hillsides, meadows and
- Grows in full sun and partial shade
Thrives in bio-swale conditions
Biofiltration Sod™
Molate fescue - Festuca rubra
California barley - Hordeum brachyantherum
Purple needlegrass - Nassella pulchra
California brome - Bromus carinatus

- A combination of upright wide-bladed
California barley and brome grass, with
smooth and finely-textured fescue and
- Withstands alkaline conditions in both
droughty and clay soil types
- Tolerates partial shade, extreme heat and
drought conditions
Delta Native Heartland Sod™
Purple needlegrass - Nassella pulchra
Molate fescue - Festuca rubra
Nodding needlegrass - Nassella cernua
Three Weeks Fescue - Vulpia microstachys
California barley - Hordeum brachyantherum

- Six very attractive, low-growing, densely-
tufted, California native grasses
- Grows in neutral, alkaline or saline soils
- Tolerates partial shade, extreme heat and
drought conditions

Nodding needlegrass - Nassella cernua
Purple needlegrass - Nassella pulchra
Junegrass - Koeleria macrantha
Molate fescue - Festuca rubra

- Three bunch-type grasses with a small
percentage of creeping fine fescue
- Leaf blades are smooth and fine with slight
hairiness on the surface of the blade
- Likes disturbed, droughty, not-well-prepped,
heavy incline sites and tolerates poor soils
- Thrives in full sun and also grows in partial
New Sod Care
Sod Maintenance
Roll size: 24" x 60" = 10 sq ft  
Roll weight: 40 - 50 lbs  
1 pallet: 600 sq ft  
Enduro Dwarf Tall Fescue
Our most popular sod,
Enduro is a new generation
of sod that provides a
darker green color, finer
texture and lower growth
while keeping the hardy
nature and lower water
needs of its original
ancestors. Enduro is an
excellent lawn for both
home and commercial
landscapes. Enduro is the
best choice for traffic or
high wear areas.
Blue Ridge
Blueridge is our traditional

and 20% Perennial
Ryegrass blend. This is a
dense, lush lawn that has a
slightly softer feel and finer
texture than the Dwarf
Enduro. Not recommended
for high traffic areas or
play areas and should be
used where beauty and
aesthetics are most
100% Ryegrass
Low maintenance and wear
tolerant turf grass. Ryegrass
provides the best wear
tolerance of any cool
season sod. Due to its poor
heat and cold tolerance, it is
not recommended for areas
that suffer from extreme
weather conditions
Ridgeside Fine Fescue
Shiny, fine leafed turf grass
with almost needlelike
blades. A cool Season sod,
it is best suited for moist
and shady areas. Also
known as "no mow", Fine
Fescue can be allowed to

along hillsides to provide a
beautiful meadow grass
appearance. Not
recommended for hot or dry
Non-Netted Blueridge
Sports Turf
non-netted blend of 50%
Kentucky Bluegrass and
50% Perennial Ryegrass
developed specifically for
sports field applications. It
closely resembles Blueridge
with its dense, lush
appearance but has a much
higher wear tolerance
needed for sports fields,
parks, and playing surfaces.
Roll size: 24" x 54" = 9 sq ft  
Roll weight: 40 - 50 lbs  
1 pallet: 504 sq ft  

Roll weight: 40 - 50 lbs  
1 pallet: 600 sq ft